Women Life Freedom – Speech English

As we gather today to mark International Feminist Fight Day let us begin by reflecting on a powerful triad – ‚Woman, Life, Freedom‘. This slogan, rooted deeply in the rich soil of resistance and empowerment of Kurdish people, has crossed borders, and become a universal cry for gender equality and human rights.

It reminds us that Feminism is intertwined with life itself, that the pursuit of freedom is not just a battle fought in the physical world, but also a persistent struggle within the hearts and minds of people. For decades these words have served as a rallying call and have encouraged us to imagine a world where every woman can live fully, with the liberty to make their own choices and the opportunity to fulfill their potential without limitations or prejudice.

Yet, the reality for many women in regions like Iran and Afghanistan is very different. In these lands, the echoes of empowerment are often silenced by severe oppression, where women’s rights are not only overlooked but are actively suppressed. The courage of Kurdish women, the resilience of Iranian women, and the unwavering spirit of Afghan women stand as a testament to the ongoing struggle that is far from over.

It’s a sad truth about our world today that the values of freedom and equality, often praised in Western countries, are not always reflected in the actions of European governments. Expectations of solidarity and support for the women facing hard times in Iran and Afghanistan have not been met with the commitment that these situations demand. This contrast between hopes and actual situations, between promises and real actions, creates a big gap that shows us how complicated it is to support women’s rights around the globe.

As we stand here today, we need to ask why the struggles of our sisters in these areas don’t spark worldwide concern as strongly as the problems we face closer to home. We must confront the uncomfortable truth that the road to gender equality is filled with selective attentiveness and inconsistent engagement. 

The fight for freedom knows no borders, and yet, the help offered often falls short, hesitating at the edge of political convenience and geopolitical calculations. By tightening the rules for seeking asylum, the European Union is making it more difficult for people who are fleeing dictatorial regimes in order to find safety. 

Last year, we called upon you to urge your governments to take meaningful action against the Islamic Regime of Iran. But since we saw a disappointing lack of initiative from European governments, this year we decided to shift our focus closer to home. Now, while it might seem challenging for you living in Germany to directly impact the lives of women in Iran and Afghanistan, there’s much you can do right here at home. 

Immigrant and Refugee Women in Germany often experience discrimination and isolation. They endure harsh conditions in asylum shelters and navigate the difficult space between being racialized, victimized and exoticized, pushing them to society’s margins. showing solidarity with them as they seek to begin a new life in Germany is a crucial step. But Solidarity is not just an idea, it requires action. 

By offering your support, understanding, and sharing your resources, you can open doors to their social and political participation often closed by structural and institutional racism and patriarchy. Each action you take, whether through reaching out, making friends, or showing civil courage when you witness racism and discrimination, or simply spreading awareness about the challenges and contributions of refugee women, holds significant importance. 

Let’s focus this year on creating a community that welcomes, uplifts and supports immigrant and refugee women and recognizes that their fight for freedom and equality continues even in their new homes. Let’s not underestimate the power of local actions in making a global impact on gender equality.