Revolutionäre Frauen – Speech English

Dear people of Leipzig, dear comrades,

Now we stand here, as we do every year. Like every year, we speak out against the injustice of the patriarchal system, the exploitation and oppression of women and LGBTI+ . And yet nothing changes.

One woman is still murdered by her partner every third day and poverty worldwide still has a female face. Every day we have to fight for our place and our voice in a patriarchal society. Every day we are affected by systematic oppression and exploitation through lower pay and care work. We are sexualised and objectified. Paragraph 218 restricts our bodily self-determination. And the role of housewife and mother is presented to us as a desirable goal in life. Whether we like it or not, we are confronted with this oppression and various forms of violence on a daily basis. We are incredibly angry. And it takes so much more than this today. Every day should be a day to fight for gender justice. Millions should be on the streets every day.

Especially in these times: socially, there is a recognisable trend in the opposite direction to the feminist movement. Many are of the opinion that equality is already here and that the feminist struggle is won. And then there are those who believe that men have become too feminine and must finally become “real strong men” again. So that they can once again defend themselves against emancipated women and feminist endeavors. People like Andrew Tate represent a biologistic, backward image of masculinity and femininity. They want to send us back to the Middle Ages, back to the kitchen. Where they think “sensitive women” belong. In doing so, they are reinforcing the already existing role models and exposing us to even more violence.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of a growing shift to the right. Right-wing ideas have already reached the centre of society. The increasing marginalisation of asylum-seeking women is hitting them particularly hard. The centre-right parties in the current government are now writing a “repatriation improvement law” (Rückführungsverbesserungsgesetz), want to “deport more consistently” or introduce EC-card payments for asylum seekers. Supposedly, they want to reduce AfD numbers with these measures, but they are embracing this mind-set and doing exactly the opposite: the AfD is stronger than ever before. Fascism is taking hold. And with it, increased anti-feminism. Patriarchy and fascism are closely linked, because fascism is the most chauvinistic and patriarchal manifestation of capital. It benefits the capitalist system in times of crisis as it does not question the fundamental relations of production, but stabilises them. And, as we know, this also happens through the increased oppression of marginalised groups: In terms of the situation of women, fascism goes hand in hand with a backward image of the family and significantly greater exploitation and oppression. Socially, this can be seen alongside anti-feminist efforts, for example around Andrew Tate or in the AfD’s election programme. For example, pensions are to be cut for women who have not had children in their lives. This shows very clearly what a reactionary image of women and family this party represents.

And what are the other parties around the SPD, Greens, FDP or CDU doing? Either join the shift to the right or appease it. Sure, Annalena Baerbock now has a “feminist foreign policy”, more women are to be given quotas at the top of capitalist companies and rainbow flags are being commercialised. But nothing is really changing in the situation of women, it’s ridiculous symbolic politics.

“All of Berlin -, all of Hamburg -, all of Leipzig hates the AfD!” – shout thousands of people at mass demonstrations. Yet the ideas, demands and right-wing ideologies have long since entered the minds of the so-called “centre of society”. Right-wing deportation fantasies are not only evident in the AfD or the “Heimat” (former NPD).

The policies of bourgeois parties such as the CDU/CSU and SPD have provided a basis for such demands for years, and recent restrictive measures in migration policy clearly show that current coalition was just waiting to implement this with a “new, hip” name (e.g. “Repatriation Improvement Act”/ Rückführungsverbesserungsgesetz).

We cannot rely on the state, we can only trust ourselves. We also have to ask the fundamental question: In a capitalist and patriarchal society, which tends towards fascism, is it even possible and desirable to achieve gender equality in the slightest? We think no. The capitalists make far too much profit from our oppression, while the state further stabilises such conditions. We must therefore strive for a mass movement from below.

Strikes can be a good way to fight for better living conditions. Whether in Iran, Chile or Iceland, where last year in October it was shown how this can work: Half of all women there went on strike and the country stood still. This makes it clear: we have the power to change things. We just have to use it.

We say: Feminism must be anti-fascist!

Anyone who withdraws their solidarity from any anti-fascist action today has clearly chosen a side. Let us raise our voices together against fascism and patriarchy and resolutely take an anti-capitalist, class-struggle perspective to the streets!

Join us in the anti-fascist-feminist block!

Marriage, kitchen, fatherland ?! Not with us! Join us in our feminist resistance!